5 Reasons To Apply A Skim Coat

5 Reasons To Use a Skim Coat

Skim Coating Revitalises Ancient Walls, Making Them Appear Brand New.

What is Skim Coating?

Skim Coating Is An Excellent Way To Rejuvenate Worn-out Walls And Ceilings! A Level-five Plasterboard Finish, Also Known As A Skim Coat, Is A Thin Coat Of Diluted Joint Compound That Can Be Applied By Hand, A Paint Roller, Or Spray Rig. The Surface Is Then Smoothed With A Plasterboard Knife Or Trowel. It’s A Simple Method For Creating Flat And Consistent Surfaces On Walls And Ceilings So They May Be Painted Or Retextured. As A General Rule, At Least Two Skim Applications Are Required To Provide A Smooth And Consistent Surface. The Top Five Reasons To Apply A Skim Coat To Your Walls Or Ceiling Are Listed Below.

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Top 5 Reasons To Apply A Skim Coat on Your Walls Or Ceiling:

Reasons to Apply Skim Coat

1. Wallpaper Caused Damage

Apply A Skim Layer If Wallpaper Removal Causes Gouges In The Plasterboard Behind It Or If The Plasterboard Outer Paper Tears, Revealing The Brown Paper Underlying.
Note: After Exposing The Brown Paper, It Must Be Primed With A Prime Surface Sealer Before Skim Coating.

2. Repairs To Drywall

If Drywall Or Ceiling Repairs Have Been Made, A Skim Coat Will Provide A Lovely Consistent Surface For Retexturing Or Priming And Painting.

3. Surfaces From The Past

Residents’ And Dogs’ Years Of Wear And Tear Cause Mayhem. Skim Coating Can Restore The Lustre Of Your Old, Aged Walls!

4. Surfaces That Are Unappealing

If You Or Your Customer Has An Ugly Or Outdated Wall/ceiling Texture That Is Antiquated Or Was Badly Done, Skim Coating Will Give You A Fresh Canvas Without Having To Pull Out All Of Your Present Walls!

5. New Installations

A Very Thin Skim Coat Should Be Applied To New Drywall That Will Not Be Textured. This Ensures A Consistent Surface For Priming And Painting. When You Don’t Skim Coat New Drywall, You Can See Where The Paint Absorbs Differentially Into The Joint Compound And Drywall Paper, Making The Tape Joints Quite Obvious, Especially With Sheen Paints Like Semi-gloss Or Gloss. In The Field Of Painting, This Is Known As Flashing Or Photographing. Flashing Can Also Occur When There Is A Lot Of Natural Light In A Space Or When The Light Shines Directly Down A Wall Or Ceiling From A South-facing Window.

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A Skim Coat Is One Of The Simplest And Most Cost-effective Techniques To Restore The Lustre Of Walls And Ceilings After Repairs Or Damage. Skim Coating Should Also Be Considered When Remodelling Or Installing New Plasterboard, Particularly On Smoothed Finished Walls And Ceilings In Heavy Traffic Areas Where Light Will Rake Across The Surface.

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